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[sticky post] Blue's character sheet

Greetings, kind sir.
The Courteous Chandler of Echo Bazaar. Quiet, optimistic and somewhat naive, Blue thrives on the streets of Fallen London like a kitten dancing on razor wire.
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P.S. Character sheet modeled after http://brasslanternaudio.com/radiofreeneath/charsheet.html

Mysteries tab discussion

News are that the Mysteries tab will be closed soon, probably by the end of the month, and players will be awarded a Fate reward for every right answer. Some answers seem obvious now, while other still puzzle me; I publish here my conclusions and comments. Any correction, precisation, discussion and further information is warmly welcomed. WARNING: Spoilers.

UPDATE: Official Mysteries answers have been published on Failbetter's blog. You can read them there:



What brought me to the Neath

I stumbled upon this old post I had written in the FBG Community forum, and I decided to repost it here. It refers to the time Blue was known as the Amateur Sleuth; as of late, his shipchandling activity has made him better known as the Courteous Chandler.

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Lessons learned

Maidens in dismay, night imps glance happily towards eerie roads!

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A bewildering salon

No, nothing related to a strange gold-mirrored painting, just a recollection of what happened at the first salon hosted in the Pragmatic Poets Society. Something about a grudge, Egypt, cats and rats. And rumpus. Quiet, ice-cold rumpus.

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New Fallen London login pictures

Greetings! It seems that the Fallen London login page has been recently graced with a restyle. The default picture is our beloved Exceptional Hat, but it is possible to access several others. Just use http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/?qi=   , followed by the name of the picture. I'll post here all those that I know of ^^
EDIT: Alexis Kennedy posted many pictures on the FORUM; I'll copy them here too.







There's also an option to have bigger buttons for the social networks login, which can be combined with the qi arguments for the pictures above:



A gallery of destinies

An overview of the possible Destiny qualities obtainable from the dreams of the future of Hallowmas 1981 (2013 a.D.), and the choices that bring them. Many thanks to Fhoenix for the compilation of results!

Opening the Gates of Midnight...Collapse )

Choose your destiny!

Hallowmas 2013 - The Gates of Midnight

On All Hallow's Eve, in the Neath, far from the prosaic eye of the Sun...Collapse )

So, in the end, Wesley Miller could have been a dominator, or a god. He chose to be simply a man.