The Lantern leads the way

Mysteries tab discussion

News are that the Mysteries tab will be closed soon, probably by the end of the month, and players will be awarded a Fate reward for every right answer. Some answers seem obvious now, while other still puzzle me; I publish here my conclusions and comments. Any correction, precisation, discussion and further information is warmly welcomed. WARNING: Spoilers.

UPDATE: Official Mysteries answers have been published on Failbetter's blog. You can read them there:

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At work

What brought me to the Neath

I stumbled upon this old post I had written in the FBG Community forum, and I decided to repost it here. It refers to the time Blue was known as the Amateur Sleuth; as of late, his shipchandling activity has made him better known as the Courteous Chandler.

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A bewildering salon

No, nothing related to a strange gold-mirrored painting, just a recollection of what happened at the first salon hosted in the Pragmatic Poets Society. Something about a grudge, Egypt, cats and rats. And rumpus. Quiet, ice-cold rumpus.

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New Fallen London login pictures

Greetings! It seems that the Fallen London login page has been recently graced with a restyle. The default picture is our beloved Exceptional Hat, but it is possible to access several others. Just use   , followed by the name of the picture. I'll post here all those that I know of ^^
EDIT: Alexis Kennedy posted many pictures on the FORUM; I'll copy them here too.

There's also an option to have bigger buttons for the social networks login, which can be combined with the qi arguments for the pictures above: